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What is CommunityQUEST.org?

CommunityQUEST.org was designed to help charitable organizations collect donation items and increase their visibility in the community. Charities can connect with people in the community by posting FREE classified ads and posting their upcoming events in the event calendar. CommunityQUEST.org is open to all charitable organizations such as Non-Profits, Religious Organizations, Veteran Services, Schools, Animal Shelters, etc.

  • Charities can post FREE ads to advertise their needs for donated items and volunteers.
  • People in the community can post FREE ads to offer donated items and volunteer their services.
  • Charities can use the FREE online calendar to post their upcoming charitable events.

How does CommunityQUEST.org help?

CommunityQUEST.org helps charities increase their donations and visibility by providing a centralized location connecting organizations with donors to help those in need.

How can I help?

  • View posted ads and events to see if you can assist your local charities.
  • Post an ad for an item you have to donate.
  • Promote an upcoming event for a local charity you support.
  • Help us spread the word about CommunityQUEST.org by using the button below (which also appears all over the site) to tell your friends and family members who might be interested in what CommunityQUEST is doing.
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