About CommunityQUEST.org

In 2005 we began working with local charities in our community and saw first hand the various needs of adults, children and animals who rely on such charities. This work gave us an idea. We realized that in addition to cash donations, charities are almost always in need of donated items, volunteers and a place to promote their upcoming events to their local communities.

CommunityQUEST.org was designed to help charitable organizations collect donation items and increase their visibility in the community. It is for charities to connect with people in the community by posting FREE classified ads. CommunityQUEST.org is open to all charities such as Non-Profits, Religious Organizations, Veteran Services, Schools, Animal Shelters, etc.

  • Charities can post FREE ads to advertise their needs for donated items and volunteers.
  • Individuals can post FREE ads to offer donated items and volunteer their services.
  • Charities can use the FREE online calendar to post their upcoming charitable events.

You can help charities in your community by:

  • Viewing posted ads and events to see if you can assist your local charities.
  • Posting an ad for an item you have to donate.
  • Promoting an upcoming event for a local charity you support.
  • Joining us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

We appreciate your support and are hopeful that CommunityQUEST will become a valuable resource for charitable organizations across the country.


Apr. 13, 2010 CommunityQUEST interview on FOX Charlotte TV with Morgan Fogarty:
"New Website Helps Charities Connect"
Mar. 26, 2010 CommunityQUEST article in the Carolina Herald Weekly:
"Lake Norman charities get new QUEST for funds"
Mar. 1, 2010 CommunityQUEST.org starts Facebook page


*CommunityQUEST is not a non-profit organization and receives no outside funding. CommunityQUEST is intended as a resource for donors and charities to communicate with each other. The giving and receiving of donations is between donors and charities. CommunityQUEST is not a clearing house for donations and is not involved in the collection or delivery of donations.